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First written: Feb-2024
last changed Mar-2024

Adding calculations

Here we will add a column D to multiply cells in C with those in A

  1. on cell D1 add the heading label "Salary"

  2. Click on C1, then click on the paintbrush icon to copy the formatting from the selection - then click on D1

  3. In D2 type in =A2*C2

  4. Drag the bold green dot seen in the cell border from D2 to D21

    This results in a table that may not have enough space to show the values in column D - the value ###### is shown where the number does not fit....

  1. Move the mouse cursor to over the right side of the column D header so that the icon changes to ; then double click at this point to auto-fit the column width replace any ### values in the column with the actual value.