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First written: Feb-2024
last changed Mar-2024

Adding a pie chart

  1. Using the filter on the Daily Rate column, select Sort Smallest to Largest

  2. Select the cells D9 through to D21

  3. Hold down the keyboard [CONTROL] button and select the cells B9 through to B21

  4. Select the Insert menu option from the top of the workbook - then select - Using the control button on your keyboard, select the last 10 Names + the pie chart icon from the Charts tab to see a new pie chart added to the worksheet

  5. Right click on the pie-chart legend and select Format Legend

  6. Using the sidebar - set the legend to position on the right

  7. Right click on any one of the pie-chart slices, and select "Add Data Labels"

  8. Right click on any one of the slice data labels and select "Format Data Labels" - then from the right sidebar select Label Position "Outside End"

  9. Note, if you were to play with the table column filters then this will adjust the chart data being shown.

  10. Now mouse right-click on the chart and select "Cut"

  11. Now we want to put this chart on a new worksheet - select the "+" on the bottom of the Excel workbook (to the right of the "Sheet1")

  12. On the new "Sheet2" worksheet, click [CONTROL] V to cut and paste the chart onto the new worksheet

  13. Double click on the "Sheet2" worksheet name from the tabs at the bottom of the Excel workbook and change the name from "Sheet2" to "Charts"