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First written: Feb-2024
last changed Mar-2024

Utilising binary computed cells

Here we are going to utilise the previously computed field in order to take the data to the next step

To do this we are going to add a new column (F) with a label of Latest Salaries to multiple the Ind column values by those in the Daily Rate column

  1. In F2 add a new formula =E2*C2 and drag this down to E21

  2. Add a column heading reading Latest Salaries and format it using the paintbrush icon

  3. Click on the column header for `F, then move the mouse to close to the right of the column header cell so that the mouse icon becomes

  4. Then double click on the mouse position so that the column becomes wide enough to show the contents of all cells (in this case wide enough for the whole column heading to be visible)