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First written: Feb-2024
last changed Mar-2024

Adding a text to cells

Here we will add a new column f text values, with a heading cell value of “Text”, and on every cell on this column (below the heading) we will have text reading [something like] “Lorem Ipsum Delor Sit Amet

  1. click on G2 and type "Lorem Ipsum Delor Sit Amet"; note the resulting cell formatting.

  2. Undo this using [CONTROL]-Z

  3. click on the input field at the top of the worksheet and type in "Lorem Ipsum Delor Sit Amet"; note the cell formatting

  4. Drag this cell value down so that all rows (G2 to G21) are the same

  5. Make this column have “wrapped text” enabled by mouse right-clicking on the selected cells, then select Format Cells... from the popup menu; then select the Alignment tab and the Wrap text checkbox.

  6. Double click on the right of the G column header to auto-adjust the width to fit the content - then add drag the column width slightly wider to add a few centimetres to the adjusted size.