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First written: Feb-2024
last changed Mar-2024

Adjusting row heights

Here we will make the rows taller by approx. 50% so that the sheet resembles the following image:


  1. select the rows you want to change using one of the following methods (please try to become familiar with each method):

    Option 1 - dragging from first to last row

    • select row 1 by hovering the mouse over the grey row-numbers on the left of the sheet, over the 1 so that the cursor changes to a right arrow . (TIP: the cursor changes from arrow to divider depending on where on the row number cell you are - move the mouse vertically until you get the arrow cursor). Once it's an arrow - left-mouse click on the row number to select the row and keep the left mouse button clicked.
    • keep holding the left-mouse button down and drag the cursor up or down to select multiple rows in one go

    Option 2 - selecting first row and then last row using the [SHIFT] button

    • As above, but instead of holding the left-mouse button down - let go, then, while the first row is still selected, move the mouse to the 20th row and still over the left hand side row numbers, when the cursor is a right-arrow, hold down the keyboard [SHIFT] button, and then left click again to select all rows in between the first and last selection (inclusive).
    • Note, there is a variant of this using the [CONTROL] button instead of the [SHIFT]; this will toggle adding and removing each row you [CONTROL]+click on.

    Option 3 - selecting everything in one go

    Left-mouse click on the cell, at the top-left of the worksheet, to select ALL rows and columns

  1. Now you've selected your rows, hover the mouse over a row divider on the left side row-numbers, so that you get an up-down cursor

    ... then hold down the left-mouse button and drag up or down to change the row height; if you have multiple rows selected then this changes all rows at the same time.

Additional Tips

Although we don't want this yet - you can also double left-mouse click on the left side row-numbers when the cursor is an cursor; this will auto-height the rows so that they are no smaller than the cell contents.

You can also do this on the column dividers to change the column widths.