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MF Float Away Message class

This is a very basic js function and css to provide a simple floating message that disappears after a given time.

The class is really just a function working with a css that you can use or just implement your own version.

To adjust the position of the messages, you can change right in the .floatingMessageContainer class.

.floatingMessageContainer {

To make messages come in from the top, use addFloatawayMsg('msg', 'T')

To make messages come in from the bottom, use addFloatawayMsg('msg', 'B')

html  ::  Simple usage
<link rel='stylesheet preload prefetch' as='style' href='https://methodfish.com/Download/MFFloatawayMsg/files/latest/css/mf-floataway-msg.css'>
<script src='https://methodfish.com/Download/MFFloatawayMsg/files/latest/js/mf-floataway-msg.js'></script>

addFloatawayMsg("test","T"); // messages at the top of the page
addFloatawayMsg("test","B"); // messages at the bottom of the page

link Click to view a demo




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