Written: Jul-2023

Repetitive Word Finder tool

I decided I needed a way to scan essays for repetition in order to assist in reviews with the aim of improving the readability of the document.

This screen utility will allow you to paste in your text, and scan the content looking for over repetition of words or phrases in the text - highlighting the matches.

Note: No content is sent to the server - this is purely client side.

announcement Note: If you are using MS-Word then I have since written a VBA utility that will do this in your doc itself. See VBA-to-highlight-repetitive-words-in-MS-Word


Use the distance (words) slider to vary the distance between each word (in words) should be allowed before flagging the word(s) as a problem.

Use the alert-from slider to vary the number of times a word or phrase can be seen within the 'distance' before flagging the word(s) as a problem.

If you'd prefer to see this built into Microsoft Word, then you can vote for it at the Microsoft Feedback-portal.

link Click to view a demo