Scoring Beanie Score Card
Written: Aug-2023


Using a pack of playing cards, the game is played in rounds and scores are accumulated at the end of each. After 13 rounds the winner is the one with the lowest score.

Within each round, each player should be dealt seven cards, with the rest of the pack left in the middle.

The goal is to put own all of your cards (similar to Rummy), in sets of the same card-faces (e.g. Ace, Ace, Ace), or in sequential runs (e.g. Ace, 2, 3 of Spades).

Sets must consist of 3 or more cards.

Runs must follow the same suit and must consist of 3 or more cards.

All players can put down sets and runs at any time - there is no need to wait for your go.

You can add to other players sets and runs at any time too.

Runs and Sets can also include a beanie wildcard, which changes each round - starting with Kings, then Queens, and so on. Use beanie wildcards to represent any other card when playing your runs and sets (e.g. if you didn't have a 2 of Spades but did have a beanie card then you could play Ace of Spades, the beanie card and a 3 of Spades to represent a run of Ace, 2, 3 of Spades); beanie cards do not have to match suits when played.

If you hold the card that the beanie wildcard represents, then you can switch your card with the beanie wildcard and then use the wildcard elsewhere.

Players will take turns to pickup (draw) and put down (discard) from the pack. Picking up can either be one card from the (face down) pack in the middle, or you can take ALL cards from the discarded (face up) pile.

Once the first player has discarded all their cards into sets and runs, they must shout 'Beanie!'. Once 'Beanie!' has been called, then nobody else can play their cards and scoring starts for the round. If players play all their cards but don't shout 'Beanie!', then you are advised to play as many of your own cards as possible - in order to reduce your score for the round.


Each player needs to add up their cards and declare them to the score-keeper. Scores are added to the previous rounds scores.

Cards Ace's to 9's count for 5 points each.

Cards Ten's to King's count for 10 points each.

Beanie cards count for 25 points each.

Beanie Score Card

Use this Scorecard to keep track of your game scores.

Start off by declaring your Players initials, then play the rounds. At the end of the round, click on the + buttons to add each players scores to the scorecard.

link Click here to start using the scorecard

link Click to view a demo