OverviewStep 1 creating a seriesStep 2 adjust row heightsStep 3 add column totalsStep 4 add a names columnStep 5 add column headersStep 6 add currency formattingStep 7 freeze the column headingsStep 8 add a Salary columnStep 9 add a conditional formulaStep 10 add a COUNTIF formulaStep 11 utilising binary cellsStep 12 applying Conditional FormattingStep 13 adding text cellsStep 14 adding an AVERAGEStep 15 adding calculationsStep 16 adding a FilterStep 17 add a Pie Chart graphicStep 18 using the IF and CONCAT functionsADDITIONAL Work with timesADDITIONAL PrintingAdvanced Topic VLOOKUPsAdvanced Topics Pivot Tables
Excel training
First written: Feb-2024
last changed Jun-2024

Excel-101 Training for Beginners

The following sections are a dummies-guide to getting started using Microsoft-Excel on a Windows device, intended for novices wishing to learn and to get to know the basics of Excel usage.

You are recommended to read each section and apply the given steps using Excel in order to get hands on experience.

Before you start, you need to be aware of the following parts of the Excel window

Firstly, when you create a new Excel file, or load one - then this is known as the Workbook. In this workbook, you can have one or many worksheets

You also need to know the following references:

- The Quick Access Toolbar
Good luck - and remember Excel is one of the most powerful applications you can ever use in business - so being fluent in it is highly advantageous for your own development.